Interactive Totem

V- TOTEM is an interactive touch kiosk ideally suited for Digital Signage applications, for example in shopping malls, train stations or airports, hotel lobbies, etc. You can order kiosk in sizes: from 43″ up to 75″ that are best suited for this type of solution.

All our totems are available in two basic tactile technologies:

  • In the economic version (basic) containing the frame in IR technology. Such a totem is perfect e.g. for museums or other places with little traffic. IR technology is reliable and durable, provided that the sensors are kept clean.
  • In the PREMIUM version containing capacitive glass, where the totem front plate is a uniform glass pane. Such a totem is resistant to flooding and is ideal, for example, for dining venues, clubs and all places with high traffic.

For each totem we choose the right computer and monitor depending on the purpose. Optionally, we can contact you with specialists who will be able to prepare a unique multi-touch application for you.


A classic interactive totem that works best in hotels, town halls and other Digital Signage applications. A characteristic feature of this totem is a portrait orientation monitor and a personalized steel case. The housing can be painted in any colour, and can also have your company’s logo illuminated in the lower part and cut-outs in side slats. Performing personalization significantly enlivens the standard totem and makes it more visible in public places paying attention to the visual identification of your brand.


Multimedia kiosk in a horizontal orientation with the monitor inclined at the right angle to allow people of different sizes to work, as well as disabled people in wheelchairs. This solution is most often used in museums and shopping malls for WayFinder applications.


Products from the CUSTOM group are created on special request according to the architect’s or our designers’ concept. This broad group of products is most often used in the modern museums, educational and scientific centres and others public facilities. They are characterized by a variety of shapes and high quality finishing materials such as Corian,stainless steel, Corten steel (rust-coated in a controlled manner) as well as glass and wood. From the early stage we participate in the presentation of the concept and visualization of the product and we also preparing executive documentation necessary in public procurement.

In the case of private investors,we make more and more popular showroom exhibitions in large companies, where strong emphasis is placed on the so-called WOW effect. Special multimedia tables prepared to order, stand out from the competition, improve the quality of the presented products or services and support sales. Preparing with us products from the CUSTOM group, you transform a typical presentation and sales process into an unforgettable experience that stays in the heads of your clients for a long time. Tell us about your project and our specialists will choose the right hardware and size configuration for your needs and your budget.


An interactive totem created especially for working outside in the most demanding weather conditions. The reinforced totem design, special sealing, ventilation, heating and cooling system make OUTDOOR totem resistant to vandalism, high humidity and extreme temperatures. The applied monitors with increased brightness have special filters protecting the matrix from the sun’s rays. They reach a brightness of up to 3,000 cd / m2, almost 10 times more than standard monitors. The PCAP touch screen in capacitive technology operating through glass with a thickness of up to 12 mm is laminated from the inside of the totem, which makes it completely safe. The casing can be painted in any colour, and can also have your company’s logo illuminated in the lower part and cut-outs in side slats. V-TOTEM OUTDOOR available sizes: 46 „, 49”, 55 „and 75”.

Do you need interactive touch system designed for your project?