The Lublin Museum


Lublin, ul. Zamkowa 9


Lipiec 2016


Execution and installation of the V-WALL 130 „interactive video wall with software.

The Lublin Museum in Lublin is one of the oldest and largest museums in eastern Poland. The headquarters of the museum and most of its branches are high-class monuments. You can watch many permanent thematic exhibitions here.

Videofonika has made and installed an interactive video wall V-WALL with a diagonal 130 „, which welcomes visitors at the entrance to permanent exhibitions. Videowall was built on the basis of 6 pcs of seamless 46 „professional monitors in a 3×2 configuration, which were covered with 6mm toughened glass with a touch screen detecting 32 points of touch simultaneously. The wall was powered by an ultra-efficient computer with a special graphics card capable of supporting non-standard video walls. In addition, at the bottom of the V-WALL we installed a kinetic sensor to operate the application, which is an alternative to the touch screen. The whole structure has been closed in a slim housing with a thickness of less than 20 cm, which perfectly fits into the space of the lobby. This was complemented by the touch EXPO application, which was adapted to the customized image resolution.