Silesian Museum


Katowice, ul. Dobrowolskiego 1


July 2015


Execution and assembly of 5 pcs. 55 „multimedia tables

The Silesian Museum in Katowice was a coal mine turned into a unique cultural mine, providing rich and diverse collections at a depth of 14 meters below the surface. An interactive exhibition about the history of Upper Silesia is one of the six located in the museum and is called „The Light of History. Upper Silesia throughout history „. The implementation of the exhibition uses theatrical techniques (light and shadow play, stage design and sound design) enriched with multimedia solutions, including film materials.

Videofonika has made and delivered 5 interactive touch tables with a diagonal of 55″ prepared strictly according to the architect’s design. The capacitive technology used to detect up to 40 points of touch was the best available technology on the market at the time. The tempered glass table sealed with the body is characterized by high resistance to damage and guarantees reliable operation for a long time. Multimedia tables are designed for the youngest visitors, who are the best testers of material resistance and touch screen functionality.