Interactive video walls

Enter to world for Super Large Format touch solutions V-WALL interactive video walls are the ultimate way to achieve maximum impact with your target audience. Whether install in a corporate reception, public museum, retail outlet or an airport departure lounge V-WALL provides a visual experience that people will remember for a long time. At Videofonika we can design and build V-WALLS with up to a 300” diagonal image. These true multi-touch video walls allow many users to simultaneously interactive on the same large scale image. Utilizing the latest 40 point multi-touch technology, common configurations are 2×2, 3×3, 4×2, 4×3 video walls using 46”, 55” or 60” ultra-narrow bezel displays.

Using the V- WALL you can create any creative solutions involving your clients, your audience, or your target group. With the help of the V-WALL you can let people experience something special, something extraordinary which they will remember for a long time.


Make your interactive video wall a permanent feature

V-WALL, PERMANENT provides a spectacular showpiece interactive video wall, custom designed to blend into a presentation or display type environment as a fixed installation. This fully customized solution is based on an aluminum construction permanently braced to a wall or bolted to the floor. Videofonika’s custom designs incorporate easy access to the monitors and PC, either from the back, front or side of the V-WALL depending on the space into which it is fixed. This allows for ease of service and maintenance. V-WALL PERMANENT solutions are ideal for corporate receptions, large conference rooms, museums, retail outlets or an airport departure lounges, public libraries etc. and can be built up to 300” diagonal screen image.


Wherever you are

V-WALL MOBILE, as the name suggests, is an interactive video wall solutions that can literally be moved around and easily transported to the place where it’s needed to impress your clients. Build with an ultra-robust aluminum construction on a special wheels means you can move your multi-screen video wall to where you need it most. A large piece of tempered glass with AntiGlare coating is applied along with infra-red multi-touch technology. V-WALL MOBILE is the perfect solution for trade shows, large conferences, exhibitions, concerts or any other event – have your multi-touch video wall with you wherever you need it.


Breathe new life into the old video wall

V-WALL OVERLAY provide an innovative solution at relatively low cost to transform an existing passive video wall into an inspiring interactive solution. Videofonika can design bespoke brackets and supports that allow super-size interactive overlay to be applied to traditionally mounted video wall. Our specially designed brackets and touch frame, which incorporates a large piece of tempered glass, will ensure that the seamless monitors are fully protected against damage.

Do you need interactive touch system designed for your project?